Christian school administrators — Attract, train, and retain legendary teachers!

Christian school teachers — Become a legendary teacher!

Take a look below and let us know which curricula we should launch first—to help Christian schools become places that teachers overwhelmingly want to be!

1. A Faculty Rule of Life: Enhancing Spiritual Formation and Community

This course is designed to help teachers grow spiritually and professionally and to create a more unified and vibrant faculty culture. It helps school administrators and their faculty to craft a customized Rule of Life—a set of commitments and practices designed to enable teachers to live more fully in the Kingdom and to fulfill their school’s specific mission. After designing the Rule, participants will reflect with one another periodically as they implement and refine the practices—thus becoming more unified and effective as they walk on mission together for the good of their students.

2. A Theological Primer for Christian School Educators

This course provides an overview of Christian theology, focusing on the ways that it informs our teaching philosophy and forms our pedagogy. It is designed for teachers and administrators who would like a better understanding of how education can fit within the grand narrative of Scripture and provide a faithful outworking of the gospel.

3. Culture and the Christian School

“Culture wars,” “cultural mandate,” “engaging culture,” and “cultural Christianity.”  We hear terms such as these, yet are often confused by what to do with them.  This course aims to help schools understand what culture is and how we can live within it faithfully as followers of Jesus who desire to work for the good of others and witness positively to the power of the gospel in our world.

4. The Earliest Years: Teacher Induction and Mentoring

This course helps teachers—some of whom may not have come through traditional teaching programs—to navigate their first years in the teaching profession. It provides a fundamental understanding of skills such as classroom management, lesson planning, and grading. Along the way, it helps teachers to avail themselves of the moral support and experience of administrators and seasoned teachers in their own schools—with the end goal of helping schools take steps towards launching their own induction and mentoring programs.

5. Teach Like an Entrepreneur: Engaging Students with Course Content and the Christian Faith

This course helps teachers to understand the mindset of an entrepreneur, including key concepts such as basic human goods and motivations, human-centered design, the iteration cycle, and effective messaging. Over the course of a school year, teachers will have practical opportunities to collaborate with other teachers and experiment in their classrooms to better communicate the importance of subject matter, to generate better student feedback, and to implement new teaching practices that promote greater learning and invite students into deeper relationship with others and with God.

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