Why This Blog?

Dear Reader,

This is the first post in what I hope will be a series of beneficial reflections on Christian P-12 education.

For several years I have considered starting a website and blog, and believe the time is now right to contribute to the conversation happening among those who are bringing fresh thought to the field of Christian education.  On this blog I hope to highlight much of their work, as well as to add my own insights.

I have been an educator for two decades at three private Christian schools–in Guatemala, Kansas, and Colorado.  I have taught Spanish courses for elementary and secondary students, as well as secondary-level courses in guitar, cultural issues, C.S. Lewis, service learning, U.S. History, social psychology, and Harry Potter.

Fourteen years ago, my family and I left Kansas and headed east to Boston, where I began work on a PhD in Religious Studies.  I remember telling my wife before we left that I wanted to use the brain God had given me to serve him; at that time, we envisioned that this might mean teaching and researching at the college level. As it turns out, I spent a grand total of one semester as an adjunct professor in higher education (teaching a course at Regis University that juxtaposed the thoughts of Christian apologists and modern atheists on the topics of faith and science, the problem of evil, and human morality).

Shortly after moving to the Denver area, teaching the college course, and spending a year coding and analyzing dissertation data, I took a full-time position teaching high-school Spanish at Front Range Christian School. Although at first this felt like returning to where I had started, it quickly became apparent that the perspectives and capacities I had gained from working on the PhD (which I ended up completing in 2015) converged with my years of experience in Christian schooling in ways that I would not have anticipated. While I will describe the school’s Veritas et Caritas Institute and Teaching Christianly Initiative more in the future, I will say now that I believe that we are learning some things that could greatly benefit other Christian schools and Christian educators. 

I anticipate that this blog will be updated at least once a month, so if you would like to be notified when new posts occur, subscribe at the bottom of the blog page.  My hope is that the thoughts presented here could help us to conceptualize and practice even more robust forms of Christian education.  I look forward to collaborating with others and hearing from readers as we walk together with God in our various educational contexts in the months and years to come–for his sake and for the good of our world.

Without love we are nothing,


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