We Don’t Need no Education . . .

(Or maybe we do if it helps us look more like Jesus)

Classroom Discipline in Light of the Cross

Christian Deeper Learning just released another blog post of mine–this time on the ways in which my mindset and practices of student discipline have changed over the course of the last two decades. To read the article, click here.

Teachers as Non-Anxious and Hope-Filled Presences

I recently had the privilege of contributing a blog post for the organization Christian Deeper Learning. Feel free to check out the post here (and be sure to peruse the other parts of their site to see the great work they’re doing)!

Is Christian Education Safe? Heavens, No (and Yes)!

“In this era of economic uncertainty, why should I send my child to a Christian school?” As Lynn Swaner and Charlotte Marshall Powell state in the recent report “Christian Schools and COVID-19: Responding Nimbly, Facing the Future,” Christian schools may need more than ever before to articulate to families the value of the education they…

Narnian Education and the Coronavirus

Zoom.  Google Hangouts.  Moodle.  YouTube channels.  Remote learning.  As educators, most of us find ourselves thrust into a world unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.  A novel coronavirus rampages through our land and we fear for our health and the health of our loved ones. We struggle with social distancing and isolation from students and colleagues. …

Why This Blog?

Dear Reader, This is the first post in what I hope will be a series of beneficial reflections on Christian P-12 education. For several years I have considered starting a website and blog, and believe the time is now right to contribute to the conversation happening among those who are bringing fresh thought to the…

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